Russell’s Pizza, 13 High Street, WILLUNGA.


Russell’s Pizza is a South Australian institution famous for its epic pizzas and unique set up. Located just past McLaren Vale, it’s a bit of a hike for us city dwellers but when a mate organizes a dinner at Russ’s place, you’d be a total wanker to turn them down.

There’s a few different spots you can dine throughout the Russell’s Pizza premises. Sometimes you’ll snag a spot in the house, other times you’ll dine under the stars in the backyard and this time…we got the shed. Don’t worry, Russ’s shed is the best looking shed going around and no matter where your troops are posted, it’s a stunning place to be.


Russ is too cool for menus. As such, you can either make your way to the kitchen to see what’s available on their chalkboard or alternatively, you can speak with the lovely wait staff who are happy to talk you through what’s cookin’.

There’s the option of choosing a few pizzas from the selection on offer but most peeps go with the ‘feed me’ option which includes some kind of entrée with bread and salad followed by a parade of pizzas that just wont quit until you wave the white flag. For an extra 5 or 6 bucks you can also opt for dessert to finish. That’s if you’re one of those people who have a separate stomach for sweets *coughmecough*.

First on the table was a round of juicy meatballs. These bad boys were super enjoyable with feta embedded in the centre adding some extra flavour-flav and a touch of the unexpected.

You can’t go wrong with rustic bread and a side of olive oil and dukkah. I mean who doesn’t like dukkah? Cat people, that’s who.


Next up, a rare salad that actually could make you some friends. A fresh and crunchy selection of veg regulars accompanied by olives and feta. It was a complete delight. This was one of my favourite parts of the meal which is surprising given I’m about to talk about pizza.


Straight outta the wood-oven, we were presented with a variety of delectable pizzas in both classic and  Turkish pide kinda style.


The stand-out for me was the Napoli, a fresh tomato base dotted with creamy mozzarella, basil and olives. When it comes to pizzas I like to keep it simple.

I also really enjoyed the rich, slow cooked lamb pide. The meat was so tender and tasty I could have just spooned it up like a stroganoff!


For dessert we dug our forks into a light but not too light chocolate cake, a rustic berry tart and a show-stopping Panna cotta. Each plate offered something different and delish. I also really enjoyed the whole ‘slap it on the plate’ vibe. A dessert without garnishes and plate decorations was a nice change and showed the chef’s confidence in letting the food speak for itself. And man, was it talkin’.

So I’ve gotta say, Russ knows how to show a girl a good time! Personally I think there’s plenty of places in town that produce pizzas just as good, if not better, but there is a sense of occasion and uniqueness at Russell’s that can’t be replicated. PLUS it’s cheap and BYO so yeh, totes recommend.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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