Meze Mazi, 86b Prospect Road, PROSPECT.


We were cruising the streets of Prospect the other day when we spotted a ‘corner-shop’ kinda spot that was totally going off. When I discovered it was a new Greek joint by the name of Meze Mazi, I knew I was going to get there on the ASAP (because nothing gets this girl moving like the offer of fried cheese.)

Walking in, you immediately get the feel of Greece and I’m not talking about the old blue and white stripes as far as the eye can see. I’m talking fresh white walls, rustic wooden floorboards and simple black furniture. I could almost smell the salt air wafting in like at a café on the cliffs of Mykonos. Yep, a girl can dream. But for now… The smell of char-grilled meats and fresh pita will suffice.


The menu offers a delectable range of small and large dishes perfect for sharing or to conquer all on your own. To start, we went with the saganaki kefalograviera and fried calamari.

The calamari was crisp and beautifully seasoned with tender rings easily bitten through. Usually I like my squid with a side of some kind of aioli-style condiment but given the extra flavour in the seasoning, without was just fine! #squidgoals.


The saganaki was enjoyable (If you can’t enjoy fried cheese what can you enjoy?!) but as much as it hurts to hear these three little words…I’ve had better. The cheese just wasn’t quite as warm and gooey as one would like.


For the main event I decided to go with char-grilled octopus. For those of you who are long time readers of my blog, you’ll know my long and deep love for a tasty tentacle and I just can’t seem to find many in Rad-town that are done well. Until now….

The meat of the octopus was so damn tender and juicy, I just couldn’t help but close my eyes and take some silent moments to fully enjoy. Sure, some would say it’s not much fun dining with someone who is actively trying to block you out whilst they immerse themselves in the bliss of a perfect dish, but as the bliss indulger, I had a good time.


My dinner bud went with a char-grilled meat kinda dish with a fresh-as-frick pita. He wasn’t as blown away as I was with my ocky but hey, we can’t all order as well as me. I’ve been in training for years.


It was decided that dessert couldn’t be skipped when we spotted loukoumades on the menu. We shared a serving of the Nutella loukoumades (okay, okay 2 for him and 8 for me, what of it?) The loukoumades were golden and crunchy on the outside and fresh and fluffy on the inside. They were so stunningly delicious they were almost offensive.


This place has got to be one of, if not the best place for Greek food in Adelaide. The octopus and loukoumades are going to be on my mind for many meals to come.

Does anyone know where else I can find those golden puffs of joy? I am now suffering with loukoumades withdrawals.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

Meze-Mazi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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