My Top 5 Picks for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner



Cray at 2KW – now that’s romantic as hell.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so you better book a place like…. now. Dried up on ideas? Don’t worry, I got chu.

Here are my top 5 picks for Valentine ’s Day dinners. All of these are superb restaurants with delectable dinner offerings and a whiff of romance to boot.


Chicks love a good view. It’s really that simple. Take ya lady up to 2KW’s rooftop bar for one of the best views in the city. You two can have a beverage outside then migrate inside for a scrumptious meal. As yet I’ve only had food from their bar menu but it was super enjoyable and their restaurant menu looks on point. After dinner, hit me up and let me know how the grilled octopus is because I may need to to get me some o’ that.

Osteria Oggi

Looking for a swanky, new dinner locaish with plenty of neat eats and divine wines? Osteria Oggi is the one for you. This place is perfect for a sexy date night with bae because it isn’t over the top formal but still sends a message of I-put-in-effort-to-find-a-hip-and-new–place-and-they-have-nice-cocktails-here-so-you-better-appreciate-that-Negroni-and-tell-your-friends-what-a-bloody-great-partner-I-am. Trust me, it’ll work. Plus their beef carpaccio is off the hook!

Press* Food and Wine

This Adelaide classic rarely disappoints. Although they are usually closed on Sundays, they often organise Valentine’s Day degustations for lover’s to enjoy. I’ve attended one and it was a total delight. Great for when you want to spend your night out staring into each other’s eyes and not at the menu.


AC001 Sean's Kitchen 009

Dead sexy interior at Sean’s Kitchen

Sean’s Kitchen

Sean knows how to cook. This guy is one of the meat and pasta masters in town and I, for one, would take no issue with making my Valentine’s dinner a three-way with this master chef. The restaurant is a clean, modern New York style eatery with plenty of white tiles and brass highlights. It’s an ideal spot for a boost of romance.


Okay so it may be a bit of a Cliché (get it?!), but I think French food is pretty bloody romantic which is why this one goes on the list. Cliché is a French restaurant/bar/gallery transformer which is just the right mix for a romantic dinner for two. The staff are friendly and super attentive and the food is as rich as you wish your significant other was. Their beef cheeks are one of my favourite meals in this fine city and a man who takes me to those cheeks is a man I would be ecstatic to fall in love with. Plus it’s in a great location because it’s out of the city but there’s plenty going on in the area if you’d like to kick on for drinks or dessert.

So there are my dinner picks for this Hallmark money-maker of a day! I hope that you found this helpful (and I’m not just talking to my boyfriend, although seriously mate… book somewhere ASAP.) I’m personally not big on gifts and flowers for V-day but I’m all about that quality time and a gesture to make your BF or GF feel loved and appreciated.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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