Sushi Planet, 1/60 West Terrace, ADELAIDE.


Sushi Planet is the perfect place when you’re looking for a classic sushi hit but you want to up the class level slightly from the standard Sushi Train visit. It’s also much more suitable than Sushi Train for a catch-up with ol’ friends because they won’t  shoo you out the door whilst you’re still swallowing your last bite of Aburi salmon.

The clean lines and modern look of this sushi saloon makes for a fairly chic interior. The black and grey colour theme conjures a cosy feel whilst the oversized light shades and pops of red add some interest. They did it up good.


The menu isn’t particularly innovative however they have most of the sushi plates one would expect. You know, the nigiri’s, the aburi’s, the sashimi’s, the get-in-me’s (probably don’t go to a Japanese place and order the last one…that might get awkward!)

Edamame beans are always a great place to start. These ones are served warm with sea salt and a lemon wedge.


Next up we gobbled down an Aburi salmon roll with snow peas, cucumber, miso aioli and unagi sauce. The ingredients were super fresh and the salmon was seared to perfection. Oh Aburi salmon, how do you taste so damn good?

We also ordered a Crispy shrimp roll which is a breaded shrimp with avocado and unagi sauce rolled in sesame seeds. This one had a little bit of spice to it which provided some complexity to the flavours. That bad boy is definitely on the re-order list.


What better way to finish off a Japanese feast than with a coupla tasty char-grilled skewers? We both had a Miso marinated salmon skewer and a Tender chicken breast skewer covered with chilli and teriyaki sauces. Both were solid but we were particularly loving the salmon as the flesh of the fish was oh so juicy and flavoursome.


I’ve gotta say, the service was slightly on the awkward side. I kind of felt like I was invited round to a dudes place for dinner and he got real flustered and couldn’t remember what he was cooking or which couch I was sitting on and all the time making uneasy conversation about how tired he is and repetitively asking me if I would like another drink. In the end though, the guy made a pleasant meal and was putting in heaps of effort so he would definitely get a second date. (That’s my round about way of saying I’ll be back just in case that wasn’t clear!)

So what’s your favourite Japanese joint in Rad-Town? I’d love to check out a few more!

Until Next time… That’s what she said.

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4 responses

  1. Haha I love your description of the dude cooking you dinner 😛
    Everything looks so damn good! I’ve been wanting to go for a while, so I think you just bumped it up my list 🙂


    • Ahhh, the never ending list of places to eat. I know it well! haha Thanks for the comment Skarmony! It was pretty delish. I went to En Japanese Bar and Restaurant last night though and I reckon it was better! Post will be up soon!


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