Kutchi Deli Parwana, 7 Ebenezer Place, ADELAIDE.


In a recent poll, Adelaidian’s were asked “what would you rather go without, Parwana Afghan Restaurant or sex?” An astounding 99.23% answered ‘sex’. Okay, okay, so that may be a statistic purely fabricated by me, but that doesn’t change the fact that we Adelaidian’s love our Parwana.

For those interstaters and overseasers (the only explanation for not knowing), Parwana is an Afghan kitchen turning out the finest Mantu (dumplings) and eggplant dishes one could dream of. Adelaide just can’t get enough and finally,  the owner’s children have opened up their own off-shoot called Kutchi Deli Parwana. Located on Ebenezer Place in the cee-bee-dee, Kutchi is more of a quick bite lunch locaish but has plenty of the famous Parwana dishes and flavours (double thumbs up emoticon).

The inside of Kutchi Deli has the similar eclectic feel of it’s mother-ship with bright, busy walls of coloured tiles and kitschy paintings. This hole-in-the-wall consist of a counter to place orders and a row of stools by the window. There is also a roomy row of tables and chairs out the front which is a perfect place to sit and scoff on a warm sunny day.


The menu is fairly succinct which, surprisingly, did not assist with my decision making at all. There were still about 5 menu items I was yearning for. Yes that’s right…yearning.

After much deliberation I decided to try out the Lamb Mince Bolani which is a house-made pan-fried turnover served with a herb chutney. ‘Meat’, ‘pastry’ and ‘fried’ are three words when combined in a menu item can only mean one thing…greatness.

And that is exactly what it was with tender meat seasoned to perfection and thin, crispy bread bringing mad tastebud parties.


My lunch buddies went for their famous mantu dumplings which are steamed dumplings stuffed with a sautéed onion and carrot filling, topped with a lamb mince and yoghurt sauce. These are the Adele of dumplings – everyone knows them and everyone bloody loves them.


Can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this different kinda lunch experience. The staff were friendly and efficient and the food was something I like to think about when I fall asleep at night. I wasn’t lying about that poll!

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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