Low & Slow American BBQ, 17 Commercial Road, PORT ADELAIDE.


Low and Slow American BBQ is a tucker truck that’s been traversing this fine city of ours for some time now. How our culinary paths were yet to cross I will never know but I was pretty bloody excited when I found out they now have a permanent address in Port Adelaide, meaning I can visit whenever the food mood strikes!

Low and Slow is an easy on the peeper kind of establishment with white walls decorated in a tourist’s ode to Australia and US of A, old style plastic school chairs, shiny wooden floorboards and the smell of BBQ-ed meats in the air. This smell is otherwise know as Eau de Parfum Happiness.


The menu is essentially a cast list of the bigwigs in the world of meat. You’ve got Mr Brisket, Dr Ribs, Sir Pulled Pork, Duke of Chicken Maryland and Prince Cheese Kransky (a top-notch meat can never be given too much respect!) These bad boys are ordered  by weight.


It’s probably fair to say you would want to go with approximately 200-300 grams of meat per individual plus a side or 2. My boyfriend and I, however, do not choose to live by the suggested rules of mere mortals so we ordered:

  • 100g of pulled pork
  • 200g brisket
  • Half a rack of ribs
  • Mac and cheese
  • Slaw
  • 2x liquid of the gods (Coke Zero)

I started this epic meal with a nibble of the pulled pork which was a mouth-watering mound of meat enjoyment. It wasn’t the best pulled pork of my extensive eating career but it was good. In fact, I would have certified it as great if I hadn’t tasted what was crackin’ over in the brisket department.

The brisket is the Bieber of menu items – making panties drop at just one glance. The smoky meat was crunchy and overdone around the edge and tender and juicy everywhere else.  It was the best damn brisket I’ve ever had and I’ve been to New York people!

The Mac and cheese was a complete dream with the thick, rich cheese sauce just sliding down your throat, heading straight to your thighs where it will reside for 25 to life. A punishment that is indisputably worth it.


The slaw fell a little short for my BF, who thought it was slightly lacking in that creamy/zangy dressing we know so well. Ehhh, it can’t all be 10 out of 10.

The ribs was also a dish-to-tell-your-mates-about. Sticky, tasty meat just falling off the bone. Gotta be amongst the best in town.


When we hit this place up last week it had only opened it’s doors a mere 48 hours prior however there wasn’t a spare seat in sight! Well done to these dude who deserve the hype and enthusiastic eaters. They take their meat seriously, and I seriously respect that.

Head down there early to snag a seat.

Until next time… That’s what she said.

Low & Slow American BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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