My summer time tea selection


When you think summer, you don’t necessarily think tea. I, however, am of the opinion that tea is an all year round kinda beverage, especially when you work 50 hours a week in an office that puts the air-con on the Haley-Joel-I-see-dead-people setting. I figure I mustn’t be the only one who loves to lap up a tea on a hot summer’s day, so here you have it –  my favourite summer teas.

Pukka is a tea brand you usually see in health food stores so I’m gonna say this stuff is super good for you. Plus the one I have is called ‘Clean Green’ so yeh, I need to book myself into a yoga retreat on the ASAP. Your body is a temple people! For reals though, they are organic, fair-trade teas which taste like a mug full of health benefits and good habits. Great for a cleansing drop at the end of the day.

Tea drop teas are a long running item on my favourites list and I am currently loooooving Honeydew Green. Dayyyymmm it’s a top notch tea. With summery notes of melon and apricot in a refreshing green tea blend, this one is a real winner when the temperature rises.

Your Tea is a new tea range on my radar. These guys sent over a tea for me to try and I’ve gotta say, it’s a total pleasure. The flavour of the mint chocolate rooibos is a decadent dream. First you get the smooth and sweet chocolate flavour hit, then you get the subtle zing of the mint which lightens the taste and stops the tea getting sickly. Also, they come in pyramid teabags which are easy to brew and full of flavour.

Some would say this tea is a perfect alternative for chocolate when that sweet cravings hits. I am not one of those people. When I get that urge for something sweet there is no alternative for a family size bag of M&M’s but hey, it’s a nice idea for those better restrained.

Another way to bask in the glory of tea during the summer months is to brew up some good ol’ iced tea. I’ve been keeping it classic with T2’s Packs A Peach. The refreshing combination of peach, apple and papaya is exactly what you are after in an iced tea. You really can’t help but feel like you are winning at life when you have a refreshing jug of peach iced tea in the fridge.

Speaking of T2 I recently picked up their Very Berry Fruitea. This blend basically creates a massacre in your cup with rosehip, raspberries and blueberries turning the tea a rich berry shade. Perfect for an after meal kinda vibe. I’m yet to try it in an iced tea form but I reckon it’ll be a real cracka!

So there you have it folks, a run-down of the leading teas in this woman’s life. What are your favourite summer teas? I’m always open to a tea purchase.

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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