Phonatic, 171 Hindley Street, ADELAIDE.


When your tummy starts to rumble, you don’t usually think of hitting up Hindley Street for a tasty morsel. That is, of course, unless you’ve just completed a solid drink sesh and Snag in a Bag is slurring your name.

Well pay attention peeps because that is all starting to change with a coupla hip nosh spots popping up on our famous strip. The particular one I’m yammering about today? Phonatics.

First thing you notice when you wander through their door is the solid interior design. You can see they went all out with the look of this joint, conjuring an urban, industrial feel with exposed brick, wooden furniture and recycled metals. Uber in style and a pleasurable place to hang. The establishment is also quite sizable which helps to give a more laid back vibe with plenty of perch positions to choose from.


The menu is a good’un with plenty of dishes to choose from including pho, clay pots, sizzling hot plates, stir-frys, salads and DIY cold rolls. We decided to swipe right on a starter of salt n’ pepper squid followed by Pho Tai and a Crispy Vietnamese Pancake. Here are our thoughts…

The squid was good. Just good. I wouldn’t be giving it a rose at any ceremony but I’d let it know it was a pleasure to taste them. The mains, however, guaranteed that this girl will be back.


The Pho Tai was a total treat with super tender, tasty beef and a broth smoother than Danny Zuko. I was eating with an expert-level pho slurper however who agreed with me on the quality of the meat but would have liked the broth to have developed a deeper flavor. So that’s a little somethin’ for the pho snobs out there to consider.


We had no idea what to expect when we ordered the Crispy Vietnamese Pancake. Blind ordering – yes, I am literally that wild. It turned out to be a crispy rice flour pancake with a mish-mash of meats and veg which you drizzle with a flavoursome fish-saucey kinda thang. It was heaven. Living on the wild-side pays off again!


The service was on-point. Very attentive and personable. It’s nice to have that feeling of being looked after straight off the bat so you can just relax and let the pho-flow.

The one miss for me was that they stationed a woman out the front who’s job it seemed was to ‘bring in the crowds.’ I’m wondering if they were trying to muster a feeling of being spruiked on the streets of Vietnam but it was naaawwwtttt a cool vibe. We had a sweet front window seat with the nice warm night air blowing in and it was a total distraction seeing this woman calling out to peeps on the street and running back and forth across the front of the restaurant. They gotta rethink that strategy.

So am I going to be hitting this place up again? Yep! Pho-sure… And you should too.

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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