Hispanic Mechanic, 205 Glen Osmond Rd, FREWVILLE.


You know what they say – A meal isn’t over until you hate yourself just that little bit, or is that just me? Anyway, by the time I had my final bite at Hispanic Mechanic (sneakily popping the top button of my jeans as it digested) the meal… was over.

How, actually how can someone order a normal amount of food for a human being when there are so many tempting dishes to choose from? Tacos, wings, ribs, ceviche, corn, nachos, it’s enough to make a food lover distraught that they must live their life being dictated by the limitations of their stomach!

First up – let’s talk wings. Top-notch wings are a rare gem in Rad-town which TBH is enough to consider relocation. Now, however, we have another reason to stay put. These wings were spicy, sticky, crispy, juicy and ohhhhhh-so-delicious. Those adjectives can also be used to describe the ribs so we have two winners on our hands already.


The tacos were more on-point than Pat Rafter in ‘99. The crispy squid taco with buttermilk crema, watercress, black beans, fresh tomato and mango salsa was particularly swoon worthy.


I gotta say I was loving the vibe of the joint. With plenty of areas to sit from the restaurant, to the bar, to the solid sized beer garden, you’re bound to find a set-up to suit.


If you’re looking for me this summer I’ll be in the beer garden, chowing down of some o’ those wings and sipping sangria in the sun.

Until next time… That’s what she said.
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