Lit Tease – Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

IMG_2675Good news! I’m totes nailing my birthday challenge of completing 16 books before I turn 29. Three books down and I have a secret weapon… 9 days of Bali beach hangs where I will be reading and reading until me little heart’s content. BOOM.

I knew very little about Sharp Objects before chucking it in my Book Depository basket. Side note: cheap books are my drug of choice. I did however know that the author of this book is none other than the mastermind behind Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn.

Gone Girl had me calling out ‘oh no you didn’t!’ whilst ripping through it’s pages as quick as my eyes would allow. So like an addict chasing that high (I wasn’t joking about that ‘drug of choice’ comment), I hoped that Sharp Objects would be just as thrilling.

Sharp Objects is the story of Camille Preaker, a lonely, fragile woman with more issues than Vogue. A reporter determined to make a name for herself in the newspaper biz, Camille is sent to her hometown of Wind Gap to catch the scoop on two local murders. Speculation’s rife that a serial killer is living amongst them. Okay yes, the plot is a touch unoriginal I’ll admit.

If you are happy to feast on a smorgasbord of morbid themes then this one is for you. It’s got dysfunctional families, self harm, addiction and (of course!) murder. Dun… dun… dun.

This novel undoubtedly flaunts Flynn’s talent for reaching into the psyche of the characters and splattering their mental juice across the page. At times… it’s ugly.

Although the plot is not as riveting and shock-inducing as Gone Girl, it is a solid piece of prose all the same. With the recent buzz it’s been getting it’s certainly not destined to live in the shadows of Flynn’s later work.

Give this book a look if you don’t mind delving into some dark places. Speaking of… Imma gonna pick that one up next.

Now… more poolside reading for me! What are some of your favourite holiday reads?

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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