The MAC obsession continues…


Popped into MAC Cosmetics the other day and my lack of self-restraint meant I couldn’t leave the store without a little black bag in hand. Here’s what I got…

Flamingo is a lustre formula of the peachy-pink variety. Although it’s low on the opaque scale it’s buildable and gives you a stunning summers day kinda look. Not a well-timed purchase for us in winter but I’ll definitely be taking this guy to Bali with me at the end of the week. Rest assured this lipstick will undoubtedly form an intimate bond with fruit garnished beverages. Cocktails by the pool ahoy!

Studio Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15 is my perfect nude eyeliner. Nude eyeliners are gods gift to the weary eyed, blocking out that telltale red-rim from a night with little sleep. This nude eye-liner helps me nail a super fresh face to greet my boss in the morning. A bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed must.

What’s your latest make-up purchase? I feel some duty free shopping coming on!

Until next time… that’s what she said.

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