A weekend in Clare Valley.


Last weekend we decided to get a little Bridget Jones up in here and head out on a ‘full-blown mini-break holiday weekend!’ Now Bridget claims a mini-break means true love and I can’t say she’s wrong. Once I set my eyes on Clare’s voluptuous rolling hills, I knew I would never want to let her go.

The stunning town of Clare is just over an hour and a half drive from Adelaide which makes it a perfff little weekend getaway location. The place is so… damn… beautiful it’s almost offensive. I spent half the time just pointing every which way saying ‘SHUT UP!’ and ‘F*CK RIGHT OFF!’ as a result of its aggressive perfection.

Due to the healthy drink its had over winter, the greenery is rich and lush, making everywhere you look an instagramers wet dream #nofilter.

IMG_2445But this beautiful thang won’t just enchant you with its looks. No, no.  It’ll wine and dine the shit out of you. It’s basically the Sam Wood of towns.

But where to stay? What to do? Where to wine? Where to eat and eat until you hate yourself just that little bit? Don’t worry, I got you…


We booked in at the Clare Country Club daaarling which we found to be completely lovely.  A sizeable room overlooking the lake with a little balcony and room service to boot? Don’t mind if I do. You’re not likely to spot a celeb in the room next door but it had everything we were looking for.


The Clare Showgrounds Market takes place every second Saturday morning of the month. When we pulled up outside what looked like a rundown shed I can’t say I was particularly pumped but it took one smile from a cheery man selling honey to know I had found my people. Nothing better than strolling around chatting and tasting products with the locals. I left the joint with pockets full of jams, honey, potatoes and passionfruit. It was the bomb-dig.

My mother wouldn’t stop raving about Evilo Estate so for the sake of her health and jam supplies, I knew I had to check it out. No regrets there. The lady behind the label is totally charming.  She could make a non-foodie want to chat about condiments for hours. I can’t wait to dig into my Apricot passionfruit jam.


Mintaro is a heritage town just a short drive from Clare. If I found the picturesque scenery in Clare hard to swallow, this place is a high choking hazard. The best way to check out this real life postcard is by foot. You’ll mosey past old stone churches, antique petrol pumps and a pub from 1850!

Eat and Drink

Seed Winehouse + Kitchen has gotta be the hottest restaurant in Clare’s city centre plus it has the only ‘wine bar’ in town. The food is impeccable with fresh, made-on-site pasta and cocktails which are as good, if not better, than any establishment in Adelaide.

Reillys Wines and Restaurant is a perfect place for a boozed-up lunch especially when the weather isn’t playing too hard to get. Although the food isn’t particularly innovative, its delicious all the same, plus you’ll be over the moon about everything once you get into a bottles of their exquisite reds.

Skillagalee is a must. Ain’t no way around it. The views are incredible and if you can score a table on the porch you can ogle at the vineyards all through lunch. The only thing more superb then the view is the food. For entrée we ordered the Woodside goats cheese medallion wrapped in procuitto, topped with poppy and sesame seeds oven baked and served with Rye toast and balsamic glaze. It had to be one of the most perfect plates of food I have ever laid my eyes on. Sweet dreams are made of these, people.


Now, have I missed any amazing places? Jim Barry and Pikes are on the list for next time and to be honest, I think I’m going to have to make the Clare Valley a bi-yearly event. That cool?

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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