Parisis, 138 King William Road, HYDE PARK.


Parisis is a place that always brings me nostalgia. Forever I’ve lived within a 5 km radius of the place and I used to refer to it as my ‘regular’ as if I could go there and ask for the ‘usual,’ which let’s be honest I definitely couldn’t pull off.

Although I no longer attend Parisis on an obsessively frequent basis I still love to hit it up from time to time, particularly on a shivering winter’s night when you need to wrap yourself in a cloak of carbs to get warm.

First up, the garlic bread. Or should I say THE garlic bread? Because it’s gotta be THE best in town. Super fresh and fluffy bread sopping with garlic buttery goodness. The garlic factor is heaving, to the point that a pungent waft hits you on the way in. Order it. That’s all I have to say on the topic.


Although I have dined at Parisis with many-a satisfied pizza and meat eaters (the shanks are a winter special which never fails to impress) for me… I come here for the pasta. The rich, fresh, indulgent holy-shit-can-we-come-here-every-night? pasta.

The gnocchi is practically a cult classic in my circles. An opulent dish of pillowy gnocchi pieces drowned in a cream sauce of baby spinach, sun-dried tomato, pancetta, basil and garlic. As a result of my extensive gnocchi inhaling career (and a career is what it is) I can safely say, it is rare to come across gnocchi which is quite as soft and light as these bad boys.


Another one of my faves has gotta be the meat filled ravioli with rosè sauce, cherry tomatoes and parmesan. Sounds pretty simple but certainly should not be overlooked. A rosè sauce this rich demands to be tasted.


At this stage, I should probably mention that the service is always super friendly and profesh, but let’s be honest, with food this good they could slap me in the face on arrival and I’d still be back for more.

One trip to Parisis and consider winter warmed.

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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