What’s wrong with a little me time?

alone 1


Me, Myself and I… wish-so-bad-that-I-had-a-boyfriend-right-now-I-wonder-if-that-creep-who-just-called-out-‘Nice-tits’-on-the-tram-wants-to-come-over-and-watch-a-romcom-at-my-place.

In our society, it often feels like the words ‘alone’ and ‘lonely’ are interchangeable. As if choosing to engage in activities alone means you must be some kind of undesirable and not simply making the decision on your own accord. I read a super interesting article about such topics right here, please feel free to have a gawk.

So… what happens to us when we’re unattached?

What happens to us when we have to go to IKEA with our mothers and watch all the happy couples buying tyssedal-bekvam-botkyrka-shlawserhousen cupboards* for their love nests?

What happens when we spend a Saturday night alone, ordering two pizza’s instead of one because we want to make the minimum delivery amount and when the delivery guy gets there we yell out ‘pizza’s here babe!’ so the delivery guy thinks we’re eating with a companion and is completely unaware that the house is empty and those pizzas will be devoured alone?

Coming from a woman who may have (read ‘may have’ as ‘definitely has’) endured such events, I can tell you exactly want happens…. You survive.

When a gal pal of mine was enduring the unrelenting waves of sadness and confusion which often come hand-in-hand with a break-up, I tried to provide some sound advice. “Spend time doing things you enjoy doing alone.” After a long pause and a confused expression she confessed “I don’t really enjoy doing anything alone.”

“You better be f*cking joking.” Was my response.

For a girl who has endured some solid stints in single town I found it hard to fathom that my friend could not think of one thing she enjoyed doing solo. ONE…THING.

Now let’s be real here… being single can be an absolute shit fight. Even if you’re one of those ladies who’s all like “Look at me, I’m single, I’m loving life, Just call me Carrie!” We all have our days when we think we are surely going to die alone… and well hefty all of that pizza-for-two.

I bought my own birthday cake for the last two years and I’ll tell ya, I’m under no delusions about how sad that is. But if you are going to be a happy single lady – you gotta do, what you gotta do and I’ll be damned if I don’t have a piece of Caramel Mud cake from The Cheesecake Shop on my birthday.

So here’s my plea to all you single ladies out there. Do… things… alone. And more than that, learn how to (shock, horror) enjoy it!

Not only will some solo excursions teach you a bunch about yourself including your strength, independence, likes and dislikes, it will also be crazy beneficial once you couple up.

If you know you go alright on your own, it prevents you from being a needy GF who forces her partner to go shopping because she doesn’t want to buy sheets alone. Unless your partner’s into shopping and in that case, you found a keeper giiiirl.  It also takes some of the pressure off the relationship because if it doesn’t work out, hey, you got your fun self to hang with.

So fly my pretties, fly! Find out what you like to do with just me, myself and I.

Aaaaaaaaannd if you’re like my sad bestie who’s fresh out of solo act ideas, stay tuned for Part 2 of this post which will provide some activity inspo.

So what do you like to do alone?

Until next time… That’s what she said.


*May have made that item name up…. Deal.

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