Olea, 131 King William Street, ADELAIDE.

IMG_2308 Something happened to me the other night.

Something remarkable.

Something I wont soon forget.

What was it? You ask.

I went to… Olea!

Okay, okay so the intro was maybe a tad too hectic but I don’t think I am overstating the experience. This place is the bomb dig!


These are the facts you need to know…

-Olea is a new eatery located on King William Street.

-It’s Greek.

-They serve fried cheese.

-I want to live there.

Last Friday night my family and I headed over to Olea for all the things one expects from a greek feast.

To start, we went with tarama and tzatziki dips with pita bread, saganaki style haloumi with citrus honey and oregano AND crispy calamari with mavro aioli.

I don’t know about you but I’ve never tried saganaki with honey and I just couldn’t get over it. The unexpected sweetness took the dish to a sophisticated level you just don’t expect from fried cheese. I think by the end of the evening my family were getting pretty tired of hearing me say “…and howz about that haloumi!”


The dips were super tasty and came out with the warm pita bread in a brown paper bag. Why eat off a plate when you can eat out of a bag? I certainly wasn’t complaining and I’d imagine their dishy was equally as pleased.


My only moan was that I found the crispy calamari to be a little too battered up for my liking. The calamari was so gawd damn fresh it just didn’t need all them oils.


For mains we went with the slow braised lamb shoulder because if there’s lamb shoulder on the menu and you don’t order it, well… you’re a wanker. Let’s be honest.

IMG_2324 The meat was straight-up fall-off-the bone-perfection. This was an extremely tasty dish… and I’m not just talking about the waiter who pulled the meat off the bone for us. What a guy!


I couldn’t speak highly enough about the flawless experience that was Olea. Give them awards. Give them glory. Give them your money and enjoy a meal fit for a Greek god.

Until next time…That’s what she said.
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