Light Bulb Cafe, 66 King William Road, GOODWOOD.


The number of new café/brunch spots apparating in Adelaide is actually riiiiidiculous. I’m starting to get that defeated big city feel where you know there is no chance you’ll get to them all. I’ve gotta say though… if anyone’s up to the challenge, it’s gotta be this girl (currently pointing at myself).

The Lightbulb Café was the next eggs-n’-bacon-location on my hit list. A petite little establishment on King William Road, just look for the blue door. Not the blue door you’ll find Hugh Grant behind unfortunately but there are some pretty sexy dishes here too.


The décor at the Lightbulb Café is fresh and modern with a generous splattering of bright artwork to admire whilst sipping a coffee and chatting with your chosen brunch bud.


The menu is bound to satisfy all breakfast tastes with the basic eggs-as-you-like with toast and a sizeable array of sides to choose from, as well as a full list of more elaborate dishes already artfully composed and ready to wow the crowds.

IMG_2294Health nuts take note: they have gluten free toast AND coconut milk. My sister was very impressed by this fact and went with a flat white with coconut milk as well as eggs, guten free toast and a coupla’ sides. I was less excited about this fact and went with buttermilk pancakes, Canadian maple syrup & double smoked bacon. You can probably guess which sister uses the term ‘food baby’ most often.



My sister found her meal to be enjoyable with the avo puree as the stand out achiever. I also found my meal to be very satisfying and nothin’ finishes of a breaky better than a freshly squeezed OJ. All up we were pretty impressed and the quality of the ingredients was higher than Drew Barrymore on Letterman.

Although the food and service was a solid performer, at about 18 buckeroos a dish, I’m torn. Call me old fashioned but I’m after a joint where I can get a breaky bite and bev for a twenty. Is that too much to ask? All the same, if you are in the area and have the dosh, I would definitely recommend paying this place a visit.

Can you guys recommend a cheap and delish breaky place?

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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