The Middle Store, 118 Winston Avenue, MELROSE PARK.

IMG_2259 Masterchef is currently in full swing and what better way to jump onboard the hype than to head to the newly opened café of the newly eliminated Masterchef contestant, Rose AKA the Ant Tart Master. The Middle Store in Melrose Park is the place I am yammering on about, a Middle Eastern/Lebanese café with a simplistic and welcoming fit out. IMG_2260 There’s nothing better than being greeted by an enticing display of pastries at the counter. From the moment I stepped through the door I could feel the almond biscuit eyeing me like a puppy at the pound. I decided instantly I would give it a good home. IMG_2269 The menu is succinct with nine items in total plus a coupla’ specials in the mix. We went with the Lamb Kofta Burger, an authentic Man’oushe and a Spinach and Feta pie. The first thing I noticed when noshing down on the Kofta burger was how fresh the ingredients were. I was particularly digging the bread, which conjured a straight outta the oven kinda vibe. IMG_2262 All the meals were up to scratch and we best not be complainin’ considering we chowed down 3 meals and an almond biscuit for under thirty bucks! Special shoutout to Rose’s sister, Haefa who provided super friendly service and did not look remotely annoyed by the number of customers asking “are you Rose?”. Come on people, BE COOL. All in all, this place is a neat little suburban eatery worth a look in. Have I been to better places? Yes. Would I say I was disappointed? No. Should I stop asking and answering my own questions? Probably.

Until next time… That’s what she said.

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