Lit Tease – The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin


After completing the all mighty Harry Potter series last month I was suffering from a serious book hangover. The I-am-questioning-my-purpose-in-life-and-I-just-found-my-shoes-in-the-bathtub kind of hangover. I was tender. I was emotionally spent. I needed a new book that would be gentle on the ol’ girl.

After 10 solid minutes of searching through my shameful collection of unread books, I decided that The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin might just be the remedy.

From the first coupla’ pages I was hooked. A crotchety old man, a small town bookstore and the promise of a life changing surprise – this is a middle-aged woman’s wet dream (and mine!).

Although it turns out that this novel isn’t quite as ‘feel good’ as I had predicted, it was enjoyable all the same and it also kept me on my toes with an unpredictable plot spanning over a decade.

The main man of the story, A.J. is nothing short of a total dude. A literary snob who knows what he likes and shares his views with his customers (and us readers). This book is perrrfff for a bibliophile looking for their next hit.  Searching ‘book cases” and “libraries” on Pintrest can only give you a rush for so long. AMIRIGHT??

As I said, this book wasn’t quite as heartwarming as I had hoped but I enjoyed the quick and easy ride all the same. I plan to acquire an apartment above a quaint bookstore immediately, if not sooner.

Favourite Quote: A place is not really a place without a bookstore.

Can anyone suggest another ‘feel good’ read that’ll remedy a book hangover?

Until next time… that’s what she said.

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