My Top 5 Pink Lipsticks


Like any girl, I like to get a little Molly Ringwald from time-to-time… Pretty in Pink that is! So here’s a lil’ look into my top 5 pink MAC lipsticks. 

Girl about Town (far left) – This pink is certainly a showstopper. Described by MAC as a ‘fabulous fuchsia’ this colour knows how to get the party started. It’s an amplified crème finish, which means that the colour is poppin’ and it is a pleasant creamy texture.

Candy Yum Yum (2nd on left) – This pink is almost as bright as looking at your phone screen in the middle of the night. If you like to be noticed then don’t even bother reading on….. get in your vehicle and head on over to MAC right this minute! Every single time I coat my lips with this shocking shade compliments are thrown at me left, right and centre.

This lipstick is matte, yet still adequately moisturising and has crazy-impressive stay power. A cult classic not to be passed on!

Impassioned (middle) – MAC describes this shade as an ‘Amped-up Fuchsia’ which really hits the nail on the head. It’s an Amplified finish so it’s a little creamy, a little tacky and a lotta colour. I love this playful pink as it makes my lips look fantastically flawless.

Please Me (2nd from right)– Straight up, this lipstick is my jam. An everyday lipstick that is an absolute pleasure to wear! This is a long lasting colour, which is still quite moisturizing on the lip.  It has a hint of a mauve undertone which keeps it interesting and looks super flattering on pale skin. This lipstick sure does please me…. Yep, I went there.

Snob (Far right)This gem was one of my very first MAC lipsticks and is still going strong on the faves list. Perfect for pale complexions such as mine, this colour is a touch more vivacious than a ‘nude’ yet is still suitable for the working week. This shade is a staple that can really do no wrong in my books.

So there you have it ladies, my current top five pink lippies from MAC. Am I missing out on any must haves?

Until next time…yhat’s what she said.

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