Daily grind ground you down? 10 tips for mastering the full-time work lifestyle

girl sleeping

I’m a relative new-comer to the full-time work scene and the adjustment period was rough. For the first few months full-time work kicked my ass X-Men Style, like it was Storm and I was that repulsive Toad guy.

Now that I have a bit of experience under the ol’ belt I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks for making the most of the work week without getting draaaaagged down by the lack of free time and hard work it entails. Here are some things I have found useful in keeping a good mind set and ensuring not to get devo over the daily grind.

  1. Sleep, sleep and more sleep. When you start the day by reluctantly draaaaagging yo’ tired ass out of bed, it’s not a positive sign of things to come. Insuring you get a good night’s sleep is something you will be thanking yourself for as it can improve your ability to concentrate and regulate your mood. Tiredness can put a dampener on the day-to-day like no other so do what you can to make sure you get plenty of zzzzzzz’s.
  2. Don’t be all work, no play. Okay so I wasn’t kidding about the importance of sleep but one cannot live a fulfilling work week that purely consisted of work, sleep, eat, repeat. Sure, you have to implement an effective schedule and ensure you are not getting down on a dancefloor at 4am on a Tuesday morning but make sure you mix things up and plan things to look forward to. A mid-week burger catch up with a mate can raise your spirits and break that mundane work-week feeling.
  3. Snack time. I hate to sound like a dog who’s getting rewarded by treats but sometimes a girl has gotta kick back with a tasty snack! I always find I work harder and feel cheerier when I know I have a couple o’ Arnotts scotch biscuits and a peach tea waiting for me in the afternoon.
  4. snackSet some goals. Not all of us are working in a place where every little job well done gets recognized. It’s important that you give yourself a pat on the back from time to time. Set yourself some daily/weekly/monthly goals and mark the achievement by ticking it off the list. Recognising each little milestone will boost your spirits and ensure you feel proud of your hard work.
  5. Connect with your work peeps. Okay, so maybe your work peeps aren’t the kind of individuals you would like to invite over for Pictionary but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to connect with them. You spend a countless number of hours with these people every year, so the least you can do is learn their Jamaican lover’s name. A little witty banter and having someone to air your work woes to can really brighten up the long days. So next time you’re at the coffee machine don’t just comment on the weather!
  6. Find a mentor. When the daily grind starts to get you down its important to remember where you are headed. Having a mentor (official or unofficial) gives you that guidance and big-picture-view. It reminds you of where hard work gets you and where you plan to be.
  7. Don’t feel like you are working for the man. Not everyone can be their own boss, especially when first starting out. Whenever I start to get a bit over it and begin to feel a touch resentful about the fact that I am ‘working for the man’ I remind myself of my goals. Sure, you want to be a team player and you want to work hard for your boss but remind yourself that ultimately you are doing this for Number One whether you’re saving for a house, gaining experience, acquiring knowledge, aiming for a raise. You are doing this for yourself….act like it.
  8. Be Grateful. You have a job. Many don’t. Appreciate that.
  9. Treat yo’ self. Working full time means you actually have money. Craaaazzy, right? You work hard and you deserve a little reward, so in the words of Donna… Treat yo’self. You want to splash out on an over-priced Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour balm? Do It. You want to get a facial from a spa which exclusively plays soundtracks from the rainforest? Why not? You want to buy a life size replica of Indiana Jones? Who doesn’t need more Harrison Ford in their life? As long it’s an occasional splurge….. treat yo’ self!
  10. Seek knowledge. You’re learning new things until the day you assume room temperature and your employment is a great place to continue to ride the learning train! Working in a job where you have absolutely nothing to learn is very rare so take the opportunity to learn all you can from the position and the people. Acquiring new knowledge builds confidence and confidence makes you feel happy and positive. It’s a beautiful thing!

I find these tips super helpful to keep me upbeat and enthusiastic. What is your most effective tip? I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time…That’s what she said.

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